The Limited Tier List — By Liquid`Hyped
Making sense of the drafting portion of the game can be hard. Really hard. How are you, as a new player, supposed to know which cards are strong the first time you enter limited? You can, of course, spend hours and hours drafting away, slowly improving. Or you can use our limited list as a reference. So how can we know which cards are good? Well, our Limited Tier List is basically a Power Ranking of all the cards in the game, made by Team Liquid's George "Hyped" Maganzini. During the beta, Hyped, at one point, had nearly double the number of ladder points compared to the player 2nd on the limited leaderboards. Our limited list may not be the only one out there, but it’s the only one written by the best limited player in the game.

白小姐资料 一肖中特:Time to get started

What you’ll see when visiting DrawTwo now isn’t all you’re getting. Over the next weeks, and months, we’ll put some finishing touches on a few features we’re very excited about. Without saying too much, we can say that one feature won’t even require you to have the site open for us to help you. So make sure you bookmark and follow us on Twitter.

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Magrathea556 Posts
Finland689 Posts
Exciting times ahead!
Johto3590 Posts
Finally it's out
Canada2674 Posts
Hype(d)! The tournament they put on actually made me really want to give this game a shot, more than I already did
24 Posts
Can't wait to play the game
I quite enjoyed the tournament and am looking forward to actually being able to play "soon" :>
United States8226 Posts
United States133 Posts
So what magic should have been? I can't imagine it being more complex, deep or strategic than magic. The general gamer community is too simple minded to appreciate the best games (starcraft included)
44356 Posts
What about the Civ 5 division tho?
United Kingdom2354 Posts
I just can't believe we're still doing the .gg domain name trend.
Switzerland4348 Posts
Is there a forum linked with drawtwo? I'm missing the TL feel of the new site, it's too 2018 for me
PrairieLand13461 Posts
On November 16 2018 06:01 emperorchampion wrote:
Is there a forum linked with drawtwo? I'm missing the TL feel of the new site, it's too 2018 for me

It's not connected. The site is backed/designed by TL, but not really a part of the TL community (separate site/staff/etc).

qoute from the site director on reddit:

Good catch! This was an intentional decision because we built this website from scratch, which means it's built on a different platform than our LiquidHearth and LiquidDota sites. This will hopefully allow us to do new, different, and very Artifact-specific things on our site which we couldn't have pulled off the old platform.
Switzerland4348 Posts
On November 16 2018 06:05 TheEmulator wrote:
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It's not connected. The site is backed by TL, but not really a part of the TL community (separate site/staff/etc).

qoute from the site director on reddit:

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Damn, so no or
Spain13779 Posts
Not being linked to the TL community seems like quite the departure from previous TL sites. In fact, it doesn't seem to be a community site at all, but rather a hybrid of liquipedia and blogs? I guess if that works for Artifact then good for you, but I'm not excited.
Brazil0 Posts
Awesome, excited to play it soon! Watching the tournament was a treat
1217 Posts
This is the first teamliquid sellout that actually is terrible. Let's avoid hyping "esports" that aren't even out yet just because some company gave us a bunch of money to put a featured post on our website.

This really hearkens back to our dearly departed friend Totalbiscuit and his gospel of not pre-ordering games.

Let a game prove itself before we call it an esport.
Bulgaria1964 Posts
Projected to be the next esport... What a load of bullshit.
10099 Posts
People are already playing it, there has already been a tournament streamed, the game is out there to make your decision on. I am definitely going to play it.
367 Posts
The key thing is the cost of playing artifact for me. M:TG has gotten too expensive with Hasbro refusing to do proper reprints while the price of playing Artifact makes me leery to start. The lack of any f2p is a bit meh.

I'm taking a wait and see attitude on it as Artifact progress.
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