精准三中三不改料论坛:Best Games of August 2018

Compiled and written by Ej, Elentos, and Durn

Best Games of the Month returns with a (late) August edition. This month, online competition proved to be the best source of interesting games, giving us a great opportunity to flex our "we literally watch everything" cred. We hope you enjoy these games, and perhaps consider tuning in for more of the great online tournaments in the StarCraft II scene.

(Wiki)TY vs (Wiki)Dark on (Wiki)Lost and Found - VOD
Kung Fu Cup Weekly #12 - Semifinals

[image loading]
The Hammer of the Sun against the Swarm of Darkness

When we think of mech, most of us simply cannot help but think about slow moving clumps of siege tanks. Maybe some even still get flashbacks of 2015 turtle mech, with Zerg players haplessly bashing their heads against tank lines before suffering inevitable defeat. That's not what you're about to witness in this game. On Lost and Found, TY goes for mech after a strong opening that even cancels Dark's 4th base. When he finally sees that his opponent has gone for ling/bane/hydra with swarm hosts, he makes a decision not many Terrans would dare to make: He embraces his inner child combats Dark with only Transformers.

(Wiki)Patience vs (Wiki)Dark on (Wiki)Darkness Sanctuary - VOD
BTSL S2: Korea #12 - Ro16 - Group C

[image loading]
Something seems out of place here but I just can't put my finger on it

In 2018, we really don't get to see much of Patience anymore. His status in the Korean scene these days is probably best exemplified by how every other player in the Ro16 of GSL season 2 laughed about the fact that Patience was even there. Nevertheless, he shouldn't be counted out, especially if things get a little weird. And this game got very weird very quickly. In fact, it gets so weird that it becomes impossible to return it to a halfway normal state, and even the GG at the end was a little bit strange.

(Wiki)Patience vs (Wiki)TY on (Wiki)Fracture - VOD
ONPOONG StarCraft 2 MASTERS Season 3 - Ro16

[image loading]
Nothing to see here

Bet you didn't expect to see Patience again so quickly! Yes, a mere day after his epic encounter with Dark, Patience played another game for the ages. Or rather, TY did, and Patience was along for the ride. Foreshadowing what was to come in his GSL group, TY decided it's best to hide some production structures on the map somewhere. In this case, what may have looked to Patience like a somewhat standard build was actually the setup for a 2 ghost cloak runby. Which was the setup for TY to kill Patience's third base. Which was the setup for TY to start a nuke.

(Wiki)TLO vs (Wiki)Reynor on Reminiscence - VOD
WardiTV TLMC Tournament 3 - Quarterfinals

[image loading]
"When ahead, get more creative" - ArTLOsis

In a tournament between competitors of the WCS Circuit, ZvZ matches are as numerous as grains of sand. But if you run enough sand through a filter, you might just find some gold. And that's where TLO and Reynor come into play. The veteran Wunderwünsch and the Italian child prodigy duke it out on Reminiscence. Mutas, lurkers, vipers, neural parasite and everything in-between. A truly creative? and extraordinary ZvZ that goes the distance.

(Wiki)Patience vs (Wiki)INnoVation on (Wiki)Lost and Found - VOD
Olimoleague Weekly #132 - Quarterfinals

[image loading]

There may or may not be 15 minutes left to this game

Patience the absolute madman is back on the list and for a 3rd time this month, matching a feat only Dark has accomplished before. But this time, he proves that he's actually an extremely solid macro player who doesn't need to be afraid of anyone in standard play. Our Protoss opens with the absolutely standard cannon rush vs Terran, as one does on Lost and Found. INnoVation naturally responds with the standard 9 minute siege tank contain. While Patience's 3rd base finishes at the standard 10:30 timing, once INnoVation's stim finishes at 11:15 into the game, things start to get a little bit weird.

The Mvp vs INnoVation Award for Successfully Holding On Beyond All Reason

(Wiki)Stats vs (Wiki)Serral on (Wiki)16-Bit - VOD
GSL vs the World - Grand Finals

[image loading]
In a normal match this would be where Serral just wins.

At GSL vs the World, Serral responded to his many doubters with a championship run that genuinely made him look like the best Zerg in the world - one could argue even the best player in the world. And as history is written by the victors, once again Stats didn't get to enjoy the spotlight. Stats is known for playing a style that is considered above all else standard and defensive. While his skill with it has earned him the moniker "Shield of Aiur", it's in part because of this style that Stats is often seen as little more than a side note. Stats reaching the highest rounds of a tournament is just taken for granted by many. But just for this game, down 70 supply after a mutalisk switch, Stats transcends his status as "Shield of Aiur". He becomes the Shield of Seoul that even Serral cannot pierce.

More recommended games from August 2018

We highlighted the most notable games above, but there were plenty of other great matches played in August. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy these games. Check back next month for all of the best games from September!

Recommended games of August:
Maru vs Stats on (Wiki)Catalyst - VOD
Maru vs soO on (Wiki)Lost and Found - VOD
Trap vs INnoVation on (Wiki)Catalyst - VOD
soO vs GuMiho on (Wiki)Catalyst - VOD
Maru vs Reynor on (Wiki)Acid Plant - VOD
Serral vs Lambo on (Wiki)16-Bit - VOD
Echo vs Hotel on (Wiki)Lost and Found - VOD

Best Games: July

Best Games: June

Best Games: May

Best Games: April

Best Games: March

Check out the master list for ALL of the best games from 2018 - Soon? to be updated to include January and February

Credits and acknowledgements
Writers: Elentos
List committee: Ej, Elentos, Durn
Editor: Wax
Photos: Carlton Beener (via Blizzard)
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United States2130 Posts
Where's the Has award for this month?

Overall though I'm sure this is a great list, look forward to watching these games
46509 Posts
On September 11 2018 23:57 Psychonian wrote:
Where's the Has award for this month?

If you watch all the games you will find out why there isn't one for August.
Brazil48 Posts
Wheres Montreal review?
France2024 Posts
On September 12 2018 00:02 Elentos wrote:
Show nested quote +

If you watch all the games you will find out why there isn't one for August.

There is a Mvp vs INnoVation award so it's ok, people should look for the half full glass and not teh half empty ^^
Iraq13507 Posts
18518 Posts
On September 12 2018 03:56 ZigguratOfUr wrote:
Show nested quote +

Not in August. See the master list: //starcraftstarleague.com/#recommended games if you want to see them now.

No, he's just as suprised as me that there's not even a mention that Montreal is over I guess. Not sure why he mentions it here though, since the writers here certainly did a nice job of putting a list of of good games together. Though as a Serral fan I don't approve recommending a game where Stats won.
2187 Posts
It's that time of month again!
46509 Posts
On September 12 2018 04:52 HolydaKing wrote:
Show nested quote +

No, he's just as suprised as me that there's not even a mention that Montreal is over I guess. Not sure why he mentions it here though, since the writers here certainly did a nice job of putting a list of of good games together. Though as a Serral fan I don't approve recommending a game where Stats won.

Montreal Recap might just be on the waiting list. I had this done a week before Montreal and it only came out today.
43 Posts
why are all the VOD links to german videos ?
44370 Posts
On September 12 2018 06:00 Yo_Man wrote:
why are all the VOD links to german videos ?

They're all in either English or Korean, what do you mean?
Germany135 Posts
nice list, i really like the recommendations from online tournaments as it is easy to miss those games.

i do, however, heavily disagree with the award for holding on beyond all reason. sure, it was a really good and interesting game which Stats played incredibly well, but i also think that Serrals position wasnt nearly as good as it might seem.

first of all, his inital roach hydra doom drop was actually really committed because his eco behind it was just plain bad and it got spotted mid map by the oracles which resulted in it getting literally nothing done. theyre on even workers, bases and evenish upgrades which is bad for zerg.

the spire is really a desperation play by Serral which worked surprisingly well because Stats simply didnt expect it at all and panicked when he saw the mutas. Serral manages to snipe a bunch of HTs and probes and eventually goes up the mentioned "70 supply" for about 2 seconds before Stats spends his 2k resources and reduces the gap to about 40-50 with approximately 30 of Serrals supply being tied up in mutas while Stats has multiple stargates and a fleet beacon as well as 3-0-1 upgrades vs 2-1 (missile / armor).

meanwhile their economies are even enough as Serral has a decent worker advantage and is up one base, but Stats is simply dominating in tech and army with no chance for Serral to assert any kind of map control with the resources he invested into his first attack and the follow up spire tech which has by now been rendered useless. in this scenario and on this map Stats stabilizing effectively equals him winning the game and its a testament to Serrals skill that he made it look that close.
1 Post
Great job - please keep it up for the future!!!
Germany110 Posts
Patience really upped his game for this month!
United States11013 Posts
I'm glad that the speech bubble makes it clear that it's the glass bottle that's saying "Hi, Nathanias here" and not Nathanias.
Spain1484 Posts
TL always creating goood sc2 content! ggwp
140 Posts
I didn't like Patience vs TY Fracture a whole lot. Were there some extra refined mind games (or a backstory in the series) involved or was it just the one-trick pony relating to the the double ghost SCV-bonanza?

But great inclusion of the soO vs. Maru and Stats vs Maru games from GSL vs. the World
Czech Republic7511 Posts
What game does the Mvp vs Innovation award refers to? Or what thing? What am I missing? (maybe caffeine)
1 Post
Is there any english coverage of these games instead of korean?
France10257 Posts
On September 12 2018 16:33 deacon.frost wrote:
What game does the Mvp vs Innovation award refers to? Or what thing? What am I missing? (maybe caffeine)

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